Donate blood after getting a tatoo done

Why cant someone give blood to the Red Cross if they havent had a tattoo for more than a year?

Answer #1

because there is always a possibility that you might have become infected with something and you can only donate “clean’ blood…its important because they don’t want to spread diease thru donated blood…

Answer #2

I think you mean “why CAN someone…”, and it has everything to do with hepatitis and nothing to do with AIDS.

It should be noted, however, that this rule only applies to those states that do not regulate their tattoo parlors. If you live in a state where health and safety agents routinely inspect your local tattooatorium, you can give blood no matter how frequently you get inked.

Answer #3

because there is a risk that you have aids or hepetitis. by a year, those diseases would show up on a test. but before that, it might not.

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