Does getting a tattoo on the pelvis hurt?

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It really isn't too bad. The only part that hurts the most is the outline. The shading only feels like a strong vibration. It also depends on the area you get it. Fatty areas are more sensitive, as are bony areas. Goodluck. You can do it =]

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I suppose it all depends on how good you are with pain and where you get the tattoo.
I've got 3 on my ankles and they really didn't hurt at all, it might be a bit uncomfortable when they first start but after a while you just sort of block it out. Im hoping to get one on my lower back soon :)

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I have three. One on my back, one on my wrist, and one on my pelvic bone...
The one on my bone really hurt, but personally I dont think the pain is anything that cant be handled.
Just make sure its something you want forever!! :-)

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I got my first tattoo about a month ago on my shoulder, I was so nervous when I went in heart was racing. The first 60 seconds to me were the worse because I was not sure what is was going to feel like. It does hurt but it is definitely tolerable. The outline is the worst the shading not so bad...They stop and go alot when they wipe so that helps bec. it is not constant...I myself got a small tattoo first because I was not sure how I would tolerate the pain and I think my next one could be a medium size one but I dont know how people sit through a huge one like down their whole arm...Hope this helps :)

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No it doesn't hurt. I have seven : one on my lower back,wrist,stomach,chest,leg, upper back, and on top of my foot! When they first start doing the tattoo it feels someone is pinching you then the pain goes away after awhile. The only part hurt is the out line of the tattoo. The coloring doesn't hurt at all. But like soldierprincess said make sure what you decide to get, you can live with it because its forever. If you want to know anything else just send me a message and i'll write you back.
good luck !!!

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It'll only hurt for a bit, the adrenaline kicks in and it gets all tingly...

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Just think of it this way:

You're getting stabbed hundreds of times with a needle in the same area. Do you think THAT will hurt???

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Depends where you get it.
I have 8, some hurt, some didnt.

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Yes. But it also depends on your tolerance for pain...if its weak it will hurt sooo bad...if its strong it wont hurt as much.

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