Can my sister sign as a guardian for my tattoo?

Me and my sister were wanting to get matching tattoos this summer that mean sisterly love. the only prob is my parents dont know im getting it done and so my sister would have to sign for me. shes almost 20 and im 16 almost. would she be able to say shes my gardian and sign? would we have to do anything else besides get a signature?

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Listen to the first person, the second person is completely and totally wrong.

If they don't ask for ID, and they go for your lies, they're stupid people, and you don't want a stupid person sticking you with a needle. Period.

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if you go to a shop and they dont id her or you for that matter, then the place is probably a little on the "not so safe" side anyway. i know you want a tat with you sis, but if you go to some shady place to get inked than you may not end up with something your gonna love anyway. a good tat shop will id before getting signatures. i think you should tell your parents and see what they think. maybe if they know that you came to them first, it will help sway there vote on the subject. if not. just wait the two years till your legal. it's not that long!!!

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yeah they would for sure.
or jsut go in and givem your id.. they wont say antyhign i dont think.. and if they do,
just say you dont live with them and shes your guardian. because she adopted you :) they wouldnt knwo.

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