Tattoo: Family pride, but is it a bad idea?

So for my 18th birthday in a few months I’m thinking of getting my family crest tattooed between my shoulder blades, low enough that a shirt will cover it. It’s a bent arm holding a sword, encircled by a belt.

It’s from my dad’s side and we’ve never really gotten along, but since I’ve been living independent of my family I’ve come to respect him a lot more. I want it to be a bit of a surprise for the next time I go visit him.

My question is, since I’m female and while I’m a gamer I’m not particularly tomboy-ish, would this be a little much?

Answer #1

If you are doubting it then don’t do it. Remember a tattoo is for life. Think about it some more and maybe try different ways of drawing it that might make it more girlish (make it smaller or add other elements). One thing is for sure, if this is a way to be closer to your dad, it might backfire. He might be horrified that you got a tattoo even if it is the family crest. Anyhow, don’t ever get a tatto of something that ou aren’t one hundred percent sure of!

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