Options to get rid of this tattoo?

ok its this tattoo on my stomach that I dont like anymore and I want to get rid of it, even if it was faded to where you can barely see it would b fine for me. I cant afford laser or cutting it off thru surgery. so what are my other options besides covering it with another ugly tattoo that I might regret… would it be possible to get it traced over with like a beige color ink to blend into my skin so you can barely see it? thats what im thinking to do, or permanent make up, whatever it is. how much is that?

Answer #1

UPDATE: After writing my last post, I called my friend to see if he had any input, and he told me he no longer recommends Wrecking Balm. Evidently our one mutual friend who it seemed to work on, was one of the ONLY people who he knows who have tried it and got ANY results! He said from talking with other people in the biz that he’s heard the same about the other topical tattoo fading products, and suggests staying away from all of them.

D told me that much like I said in my previous post, he thinks the only reason the wrecking balm worked that one time that he knows of was the tat our friend faded was a homemade india ink tat done back in high school and that because it wasn’t put in deep, that the wrecking balm may have affected it differently than a professional tat.

He suggested you either try the saline method (although he admitted he hasn’t had any personal experience with it either) or a cover up if you can’t afford the laser removal or IPL therapy.

Sorry for the erroneous info earlier, but I hope the clarification helps.

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besides that my question is… would it b possible to get it covered with a beige(skin tone) color ink?

Answer #3

do these really work tho? of course the site will say it works jus to make money…

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my friend has used the tat b gone one , I’m not sure about the dermasal though, it’s just cheaper. but if you do plan on buying it I would go to the tattoo parlor & ask them if they can do a cover up in beige though first. the tattoo my friend had was pretty small though so I don’t know tho?

Answer #5

I’m VERY good friends with a tattoo artist, and he ONLY recommends Wrecking Balm but I’ve personally only seen one person use it and while it didn’t remove it completely it did fade it quite a bit. I’ve also heard from other people that it didn’t work at all for them.

I’d personally suggest at least trying a topical fading balm or cream first, but be aware that its effectiveness usually depends on the ink that was used and the how deeply that ink was laid.

You could also try having a tattoo artist tattoo the area with saline. I haven’t had any personal experience with this method or known anybody who has, but I have heard that it can fade or lighten older tats.

If those don’t work and you really really want the tat gone, you’ll just have to buck up and save your money for laser removal (painful) or Intense Pulsed Light therapy (usually very expensive).

Or if worse comes to worse, just have it covered up with something that you actually like. I’ve seen some amazing coverups in my days; dark tats that you’d think could never be covered have been turned into amazing pieces of art.

Either way, I wish you the best of luck and hope that maybe someone else will think twice about getting a spur of the moment tat after reading your story.

Answer #6

also .. there’s another one that’s cheaper then the tat b gone


Answer #7

http://www.tatbgone.com/ ^^ this site tells you about the tat b gone

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