Should i get a tattoo at 14?

Should I get a tattoo?? Im 14 but I dunno, my friends going to get one and asked me if I wanted to come… yes/no?

Answer #1

Ehhh…it depends. I didn’t get my first tattoo until last year (I’m 25), and even now, I’m sort of sorry for it. I love the tattoo, but it’s right on my breastbone, and since I’m in college for a professional job, I have to wear high-necked shirts to hide it every day that I work for the rest of my life, and that’s a pain. If I had it to do over, I’d have put it on my back or shoulder.

Before anything else, ask your parents. If they approve, get something small and put it in a place where you can easily dress to hide it. You may want to get a professional job someday (when I was your age, I sure as hell didn’t want to, but things change) and you don’t want the hassle of not being able to hide it easily.

And the last poster was right- you really SHOULD wait a while. Choose something that is meaningful. That’s why I waited so long. I have friends that have tattoos from when we were 16 that they’re too embarrassed to show anyone now because they’re silly. Remember-it’ll be there when you’re 80.

Answer #2

well since your young just get a tat that doesnt stand out and you are able to hide from your parents! and dont get ya partners name written on! thats recipe for disaster!

Answer #3

no no no, I know it sounds stupid but believe me what you like at 14 is not necessarily going to be what you like at 18, or 25 or 33 etc… At 14 I liked all sorts of things that looking back I don’t like now at 26. You have your entire life to get a tatoo you might as well wait and make sure it is something that you really love

Answer #4

I have two. im only 30 and I wish I didnt get mine. even though they are tasteful. they stick out and I really shouldnt have done it. its a big disision to make. dont get one till you know you can live with it forever FOREVER

Answer #5

a tat is a big deal do remember its not eraseable…and if you do get it removed it leaves a horrible scar…dont get one if youre not completely shure you want one…and you must want it 4 you …be shure of what you want to get ok.good luck.

Answer #6

I’d say it depends…do you know what your planning on getting if you dicide to get a tattoo>

Answer #7

hell ya tats are sexi

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