Why does my tattoo look like the color is melting off?

I got a tattoo a couple days ago and today I started using bacitracin on it, and it kind of looks like the color is melting off. The tattoo doesn't look any different but when I looked down at it there was color coming off of it. What does this mean?

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just like the other answers say tattoos have to peel and I dont honestly know about the ointments mensioned I have 5 tattoos and every single one turned out dark and perfect, that mostly depends on the ink used and what ointment you use on it I used (neosporin pain relief) and all my tattoos turned out just perfect and apply whatever ointment your using as constant as possible thats a critical thing and keep applying it until there is no mor peeling scabbing or any type of healing signs and if you are responsible and take good care of your tattoos you will love the way they look

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I did my tat in my house with a new tatttoo kit I just got. why is it that I week later my color aint showing like when it was done. The color looks like its faded/ no color. I used the A&D only and washed it a day later with regular soap? hhhmmm im lost. my other tat is in red and the color didnt come out

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all tats peel you should have been using bacitracin since the day you got it

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u should of used neosproian

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If you are just starting out and doing tattoo's and your color is not staying you are not going deep enough with your colors. The outline is always deeper causing a damn like blocker in the dermise. So you can stand to go a little deeper on your coloring in with no worries of bleeding through. My advice is to go a little deeper and you will know your depth when you get the hang of it. Remember to deep is bad and you will know by the amount of blood.

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A tattoo is no different than in open wound. In fact, it behaves almost like a scrape. When it starts to heal it becomes itchy and the dead layer of skin falls off or begins to peel, and some of the excess color goes with it.

It's best that you don't pick or peel it off yourself, and instead apply a LITTLE of whatever lotion (or bacitracin) to it to encourage it to keep coming off normally. The color will be okay and the peeling should be done in a few days.

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oh, this is totally normal, it happened to me too. I have 3 tattoos, it looks the tattoo is peeling and then afterwards it gonna look like there's crust growing on it, DO NOT, scratch it, pick at it, nothing like that, just use the A+D ointment and within a week or 2, it should be healed. if you pick at it, you're gonna affect the colouring of the tattoo and you'll only see what you've done after it's healed. so don't worry the colour isn't coming off

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neosporin should not be used it has zinc in it and zinc breaks down the ink while its healing. also should only us a greasy ointment first 3 days then a good plain fregrance free lotion or any of the 10 kinda tattoo balms shops sell, little pricey but stuff work well and tattoo tend to heal sooner and look fresh!

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r you stupid hotone...you cant use neosporin on a tattoo the ink will come off...just keep washing and putting lubriderm on it for a week or two

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