Tanning and pimples?

If you go in a tanning bed, will your pimples get darker too? Or will just your skin get more tan? Because I have a dance coming up and I need to blend the scars in with my tan skin.. So what should I do? Please help.

Answer #1

whell tanning actually increases the chance of getting more pimples. it causes dead skin and sweat… the cause of all pimpes. the dirt and sweat from your face gets caught under the dead skin. But it will also leave the scar on longer, like any type of scar.

Answer #2

I thought I was the only one with this problem! tanning does help somewhat just don’t burn.I feel for you on this topic.Have a good tan

Answer #3

acne scars, like on my body. so if I tan, my skin could possibly become as dark as the scars and blend together?

Answer #4

do you mean pigment scars?

Answer #5

scars don’t tan.

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