How old do you have to be to go tannaing?

Answer #1

i think you can go at any age. i think. my sisters always went when they were younger, if anything it might be 16 or older but i think any1 could go

Answer #2

I’m pretty sure you have to be 14, but that could be different for every state. I don’t reccommend anyone to tan no matter what age due to the side effects of tanning.

Answer #3

it depends on the tanning salon, but some places its 16. usually if younger than that, you would have to have parent consent.

Answer #4

In most places its 16 but DON’T go!!! It can cause skin cancer and alot of other things.

Answer #5

wait til you are older ,, you do not want to damage your skin. go to the pool and use sunskreen,, to protect your skin.

Answer #6

You have to be 16 without a parent. And just keep in mind, when you use tanning beds, it has higher risks of Skin Cancer and it gives you really bad cellulite.

Answer #7

i would get your parents permission to go if you’re at least under 16. my mom let me tan at 14 years old. just dont over-tan. when i started at 14, i only went about once every 2 weeks.

Answer #8

as soon as you feel old enough to get skin cancer

Answer #9

thanks thats so helpfull..

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