Does it hurt when you wear tampons

Does it hurt when you wear tampons

Answer #1

No, it shouldn’t hurt to wear tampons, if it hurts, then it means you do not have it in correctly.

Answer #2

no it does not hurt or feel uncomfterble if your not a virgin no more.

Answer #3

I dont use them :)

Answer #4

It can be uncomfortable, are you sexually active?

Answer #5

It doesn’t hurt and it isn’t uncomfortable. I’ve been using them since I was 12. The only thing is that most woman don’t like the idea of it initially. Also you have to be really clean if you are using tampons and they are not recommended using if you have bad cramps for the first two days of your period because they can worsen cramps.

Also if it is uncomfortable it’s usually because you didn’t put it in deep enough. If you want to start using it get the mini tampons and get the ones with an applicator, they’re a lot easier to put in…oh and not everyone gets it right the first time so try untill it fits in properly.

Other than that…I hatea wearing pads and only wear them at night…tampons really make your life so much more comfortable and easier…you can do sport, you can swim and you don’t have to worry about leaking and all that other nonsense.

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