Tallest Manmade Structure on Earth and Universe?

I was wondering does anybody think that the tallest Manmade Structure on Earth is also the tallest Manmade Structure in the Universe, or not? I know the Burj Dubai is now the tallest manmade structure in the world, but is it also the tallest manmade structure in the Universe, or atleast the solar system? Please give your opinions and explain the reason you beleive either way.

Answer #1

Couldn’t there be species of men somewhere else amoung the 70 Sextillion plus stars and 180 billion light year Universe (800 Sextillion Miles), or is this tiny earth the only place where men could have evolved?

Answer #2

It would be universe because our definition of man is the generic use of the word to refer to any human being. As man has yet to achieve anything taller in outer space than the title of tallest man-made object on earth also holds the title of tallest manmade object in solar system and universe.

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