How can I be more confident while talking in front of my class?

I’m really nevous whenever I go up to talk in front of my class. I don’t know why it happens but I start shivering and turning red, it’s so embarassing. Are there any techniques that can make me less nervous?

Answer #1

Here’s some help:

Good luck, you’ll do fine !!

Answer #2

if you’re afraid of making eye contact with your peers then just look at your teacher(most of the time they are in the back)or look at your friend the whole time like you’re having a conversation(but your friend doesn’t respond)if you don’t have any friends in the class then just look at a picture on the back wall.

Answer #3

You can try staring at the back of the classroom. You can also try to picture yourself in a room with noone there so u can just say wat ur gonna say without having to know that there r people there (just no getting off topic wen doing this). Or, think about this, everyone in the same room as you knows you. If u make a mistake, its ok,. if they make fun of you, who cares. Dont take their remarks in. Ignore them. They are just trying to emberass you more. Sticks and stones can break ur bone, but words cant. And ur teacher will be supervising. He or she will help u in any way. Ur teacher will help u the most in speaking in front of the class. They prepare u. So, the point is, just go and try ur best, if u make a mistake, just take a deep breath and start again. It’ll be fine. And before u know it, you’ll be done already.

Answer #4

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