Which song to sing at talent show?

me and my best friend rachel are in the talent show at school and we're going 2 sing but we are stilll deciding on which song we should do. and songs you guys have in mind, but remeber it has 2 have no bad words adn it has 2 b school apporaite???

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no-one by alica keys is a good song and so is hallelujah by leonard coen

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Do some Destiny's Child or Beyonce

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I know that The Acadmey Is..., is all guys, buty soft the song 'Everything we had' is real \ly soft and sweet.

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sos by the jonas brothers!!!

ice ice baby!

super freaky!!!

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A good song is probably not a rap song! You need a soft song, my suggestion would probably be no one by alicia keys! it not to high pitch just right!

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I think you should just go with what you think you should sing and if that doesn't help than find a song that shows the world who you are and what your personality is.

It's always a good idea to express yourself through song even if your a horrible singer just have fun with it.

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In the jungle!!! I LUV THAT SONG!!!

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you shld sing a song that you enjoy and that you like. dont worry about what other people want you to sing. me and my friend sang 'my heart will go on' by celine deion and people were like what the hell but once we started to sing it people were lile OMG they are really good with this song.

hope this helps you. OX.

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I think you shoul dsing a song by alicia keys like "fallin" or "no one" you coul dalso sing a song by mariah carey or beoncey, but you have to have a strong voice. my personal favorite for talent shows is "halo"

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try why can't I by liz phair but in the second verse substitute the "f" word with kiss or on the outside looking in by jordan pruitt

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just go ask someone else!!!

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"A Place In This World"...Taylor Swift. It is most defently apporaite for school. It is not too fast. It is not to high or to low. It is a great song. It is not all mushy and lovey. It is the perfect talent show song. :):)

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what kinds of songs do you listen to or are good at singin pick somthin in your range,

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jk that was fake but anyways whatave you like to sing like maybe michael jackson or mariah carey it depends mainly on your voice! GOOD LUCK!

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I think you should
sing like a SONG THAT IS YOU

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ballerina steps by Laura Michelle (It's gotta soft fun beat and perfect 4 any kinds of voices...I tried it-lovely!It was spectacular and the song is so great you gotta hear her.

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either do Never Say Never - the Fray
or The Call- Regina specktor

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dont forget by demi lovato
or you belong with me by taylor swift

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I know a perfect song and I sung it at my tallent show it is called dance and its p-fect for skewl ..good luck

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I don't know!!! Maybe sing 7 things by miley cyrus or sing who will I be demi lavato!!! Good LUCK to you!! hope my advice helped!!!

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