Taking care of a duckling

Alright, It’s been a few years since I’ve had one, So I forget whhen to wean them off of the eye dropper, When to take them for there first swim/ bath and when to clip it’s wings. I’ve had three before when I was 7/8 So don’t say “You shouldn’t have such a strange animal, your too young’ or something like that. They were well taken care of.

Answer #1

haha, I love them, I use to allow my duck to swim in our tub, and then he use to follow me down the yard to the creek and we would swim together. As far as the other advice I would have to do some research, it has been a long time for me also.

Answer #2

:D Hah, There just like rats and dogs. ^^ Feed them, love them , and there gluee.\


Answer #3

I have duckstoo , but thats because my mum is a wildlife carer, and has a licence to keep all kinds of animals first off it depends on what kind of duck it is, if its a wild duck then I hate to break it to you but it will most likly fly or run away once its old enough, to leave and find a mate …as for weaning if it has feathers then all you need is a place to put it and a little dish of water it will drink from this even if hes small, if he have feathers then hell be able to swim, hes able to float after all find a tray and put some water in it, not too much but enough to swin in and pop him in there dont clip his wings if its a wild duck if hes been staying with you for more then a month, then you could clip his wings seeing as though he probably wont go

Answer #4

It’s not a wild duck. I’m buying a farm hatched duck at tsc. :D

Answer #5

put them in the water right away. they are born ready. about the food, a good start is to moisten some cat kibble, and give it to them. once they accept the mush, start giving them more kibble less mushed til you get them to straight kibble and then you can give them anything!

Answer #6

They can swim almost immediately…(see all those little babies following mama around the ponds and lakes??)…The hatchlings I’ve seen in the feed stores are eating on their own, and they’re still fuzzy little things…I don’t think you have to use an eyedropper on ducks…a regular bird, yeah…but not ducks.


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