Taken movie, what did you think?

First, I wanna say that that movie was AMAZING. Definately up there on my list of favorite movies.

Now, my question. Would you, if you had skills that he did, risk your life and kill all those people to save your daughter? What if you didn’t have those skills? Would you still try?

My dad said, “If I was as skilled as he was, I’d do it. If I wasn’t, well, that’d suck for you.” Thanks, dad.

I would definately save my daughter if I had his skills. If I didn’t, I’d make sme sort of effort. Not killing people and blowing up construction sites, but I’d make some kind of effort to find her.

Answer #1

oh migosh I that movie WAS SO STUPID, I know this has nothing to do with your question but it came up so read if you want, that movie was so racist!! they made the arabs be the bad guys, I have friends that are arabs too and that was bull, because a shaykh was the one that had sex with the girls, and he was a muslim, a shaykh in muslim religion was like for christians a father. I thought that the movie was good though that didnt ruin it but now people have a bad idea about arabs, and that was really racist of the director/writer. I dont know which one.

Answer #2

“They did it because over there it is, quite often, arabs who do it. “ Hmm… bigot…

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