Take some time off school?

Do you think its okay to take a year or like 6months off of school? I graduate in like 5months and after I graduate I might take like 6months off and then start college. Do you think thats a good idea? Im so tired of school. If I was to take some months off I wouldnt live at home I would move with my brother and get a job and help pay part of my rent. Do you have any advice on this? lol thanks

Answer #1

Sure, your choice but do not allow that college education to drop out of sight - secure that degree and better quality of life…I wish you the best !!

Answer #2

Even if you are sick of school everyone in the world has to do it,, or else we wont ever get jobs.

You should stay in school and work really hard.. Or else you wont achive what you want in the future..

Everyone will start getting pissed off with you not being there,,and so will the teachers,,

You should go duck! x

Answer #3

I’ve seen this a lot, when people get out of the cycle of school, sometimes they just never go back. I know someone who was a junior in a ivy league school, took a break and never went back. Six months is a good break time (although make sure your school accepts spring incoming freshmen), but do make sure you get back… now more than ever a college education is important, and it will get more important…

Answer #4

I was not brave enough to take the time off of school. I thought I would get stuck in the work cycle. Thank God I never did, cause it took me 6 years to get my BA LOL

And family living together on their own… that can get dangerous. You may get along with them now. but will you be willing to risk messign up yoru relationship w/ your brother by living with them? I seen the closest of siblings fall apart…

Answer #5

I decided to wait and I never went back, although I did take an apprenticeship to become a groomer… As long as you are strongwilled it would be okay, but just never give up on your dreams.

Answer #6

Think about it. If you stop and your friends keep going, they are going to be done and you will have half a year and they will be out partying

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