Should i take my ex back?

my boyfriend and I just had a son 3 months ago
before when I was pregnant he didnt look for a job or anything
I gave him a chance until I had my baby , but after I had him he still didnt work .time went by now my babys 3 months , he left to texas supposedly to find a job and later on for me to go . well not even a month passed and they told me he already lives with some girl over in texas. should I just believe it and leave him or what should I do

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I personally think that it took two to make this child, and it should take two to take responsibilities. I think that you don't need a father for your baby, not one like him. So what you need to do is forget about that bastard, and keep on with your life!

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fuck that guy. he aint worth shit if he cant take the responsibiltiy of being a man. u dont need him. ur a woman...strong woman...ur better off on ur own. he cant even get a job. cut that fuckin freeloader loose.

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Have you heard directly from him in Texas? Who told you he is living with a girl? How do they know? Do you have a cell phone number for him? If so, you need to tell him what you've heard.

If he hasn't found work or called you within another month, I'd say (based on his past performance) that he is not working and is not going to call for you.

Make a life for you and your son on your own. Then you can 'decide' if you even want to be with him anywhere.

Good luck and God Bless

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Let's worry about your son's future now that you are a mother. You have a responsibility to raise a child the best you can. What kind of father does your son need? Biology is no free pass into maturity. Is this "sperm donor" ever going to be a father as well? A man and a father do not behave this way, boys do. Even if you do not have a relationship with a "man" do not have one with an irresponsible boy just because of biology. Surround your son with responsible men in your family as role models as best you can. That is far better in the long run. All the best...

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I would still get child support, he needs to help you, and he has to do it!

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