Switch back to original high school?

So in 8th grade all my friends were going to HS1, and even though I would miss them a lot, I felt a pull to go to HS2. I just felt like HS2 was the place that I was supposed to go. I felt like I could go there and getaway from everything, like start fresh, new. My parents fought for me to go to HS2 and I finally got (sort of last minute) accepted. Everything was great, or so I thought. When I started my year there, I HATED it! All of 1st semester was crap! I used to cry and be depressed, it was horrible. It made me realize that I had a really good life in middle school and it made me wonder why I had ever even thought of running away. Running away from what? Life was good in middle school. Seriously all I wanted to do was go to HS1, which was where all my friends were and where I should have gone in the beginning.

So now, school is almost over, only about a month or so. I am now comfortable in HS2. It’s not all that horrible, it’s okay now. But I have the option of going to HS1. But if I go to HS1, there is no way I can return to HS2. I am not sure if I am just comfortable in HS2 and it seems good now because of how crappy it was in the 1st semester. All I want is to be happy. I’m scared to go to HS1 and miss HS2. I’m scared that my friends at HS1, won’t be my friends anymore. But I’m scared to stay at HS2 and wish I could have gone to HS1 or what if I get even more comfortable but it will always just be okay, when really HS1 could be so much more fun… or boring? I don’t know! I am just so confused. It’s all I think about and I can’t even have fun without thinking about it. It’s all I worry about.

I payed such a huge price the 1st semester of HS2. I was so miserable and depressed, I just don’t want that to happen again. I am so scared of making a mistake. I am so scared of not making the right choice and being miserable for so long again. I feel sick everytime I think about it. I lose sleep every now and then, I can’t eat and when I do I feel sick. I just don’t know and I would appreciate it SOO mucchh if someone could just help me in any wayy. Pleeaasee…

Answer #1

just try HS2 one more time… and if you cant stand it, then go back to HS1. thts what id do, I think

Answer #2

I think you should try hs1 because all of your friends are there…if you dont like it then you can go back to hs2 next year :)

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