Sweet Sixteen Themes

I’m planning my sweet sixteen for next February, and I have NO idea what type of theme to do, or anything that I want to do. I know that my colors are White, Black, & Hot pink. help pleaseee =/

Answer #1

how do you know my best friend has good ideas lmfaooo.

Answer #2

askk a friend.

Answer #3

yeahh ask your best friend she has really good ideas

Answer #4

Do a sock hop! Like in the 60’s

Answer #5

well I don’t know if these go with your colors but here are sum examples .. tha theme could b anything you like.. like my friend is a dancer so se did dance another did soccer .. mayb disney character like Cinderella beauty and the beast the little mermaid/under the sea snow white .. my friend was born on Christmas so that was her theme another 1 or my friends was born on Halloween so she did that as her theme.. sum of my friends did Tiffanys/diamonds as a theme … hollywood theme … you can do decades like the 1920s 50s 60s 70s 80s or 90s .. mayb theres a fav. singer or celeb. you can make a theme out of .. or you can just make your theme a color 1 of my friends did an all purple theme and another did green and hot pink … that’s all I can think of rite now hope I helped

Answer #6

ok I just got a good idea, MOD, that would be a really cool and new theme to do

Answer #7

modern masquerade is a great theme for those colors

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