Sweet Guy?? Does he Like me? Kinda long! Sorry

So I had a bonfire last night and I had this kid Named kyle come over.. well it was me and kyle and like 17 other people lol…well I was sitting by the fire kinda pissed off and kyle came over bye me and put his arm around me and was like Whats wrong…I was like I’m fine hun no biggie… then he was like…no HUN your not…whats wrong!! then we went off on a walk and he grabbed my hand and we walked around for like to hours…when we went back My best friends Jake Logan and Calvin picked me up when we got back and brought me over behind our garage and asked what I did…jake and calvin were convinced I made out with him or something so when I thought I convinced them Logan finally said something and he said..maggie you like him! I can see it in your eyes…she didnt do anything guys…then he was like guys we have all kissed her! we know what she looks like after kissing! and I was shocked so then Logan kissed me on the cheek and said sorry and let me go back then me and Kyle went for anthor walk…and nothing happened again I was kinda relieved because I knew he wasnt going to pressure me…do you think he likes me? Does he seem like a sweet guy?

Answer #1

he cares and that says a lot about his personality. He’s a keeper ;)

Answer #2

he seems sweet and I tink he does just keep talking to him

Answer #3

yer he sounds nice and your friends sound funny also. maybe if you keep going for walks with him ;D

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