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So I'm writing a story, and there's a character who swears a lot, but I'm thinking of setting it in the 1940's or 50's, and I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a sort of comprehensive list of swear words through the ages?

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Aha, looks like the word 'B*llocks' (with an 'o') is not recognised as a cuss word in the USA . I had to censor it manually after I posted it on here.


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Well they didnt really swear back then they kind of just gave insults...

I dont know like prick, scally wag (more pirate age) ,tosser???

look it up on google maybe but they basically just said things like bastard in the gang days...

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Not sure if these links are any help:



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There were a lot of religious relates cuss phrases that became shortened over the centuries.

We have one in the UK called 'b*llocks' (look it up) which is used as a response of disbelief in reply to a statement one does not agree with. (quite a strong word, depending on how it is said. Can be said light heartedly or with venom)

Dont think they have that one in the US.

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