Woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of

If a woman swallows semen often will it lower the chances of her getting pregnant?

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YES! Everytime she participates in oral sex INSTEAD of intercourse, she is eliminating a chance of getting pregnant. ;)

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No effect / no connection - important: Oral and anal sex do not lead to pregnancy, but engaging in such behaviors puts teens at risk for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV, chlamydia, and human papillomavirus (HPV), which has been linked to cervical cancer. A recent CDC study showed that one in four teenage girls is infected with at least one STI.

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swallowing semen does NOTHING
all it does it make her put on a few calories
it doesnt get her pregnant
and it doesnt stop her from getting pregnant
her mouth isnt connected to her vagina
and what she puts in her mouth doesnt affect her vagina either
please try not to beleive everything you see/her/read
and learn more about sex education before you go off having sex or getting sexually active

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no, whoevery told you that must be on some strong drugs

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no I mean if a woman swallows a man sperm will it not get her pregnant like birth control. I know a woman cant get pregnant through her mouth

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If a girl swallows your sperm/cum it will NOT get her pregnant in anyway at all,it's just oral,as long as it doesn't get inside her vagina.

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hell no!!! who ever told you that!!!

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swallowing semen consistently with the same man it will increase her chances at getting pregnant. it builds her body up with his chromosomes so that when during intercourse when she is at high fertility the chances of it taking are greater and the odds of the pregnancy being rejected are less. if you research this you will find that it is not a myth that men mad up.. it is true.

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