Swallowing pills

does anyone else have problems with swallowing pills/medicine?? any advice...thx

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some pills you can crush, such as ones that are like candy rockets (just compressed powder), do NOT crush ones that are like smarties with a coating or open capsules. They are meant to open in another part of your body such as your stomach or release slowly, if you don't follow this than you can cause stomach ulcers

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I do, I put them have to push it down near the back of my through with my fingers
...then swallow them
you could try taking it with water or food if it can be atken like that
or you could try to improve your gag reflex if thats the problem

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im 14 and just cant swallow pills every time I try to I like nearlly get sick if you know what I mean

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I cud never swallow pills so when I get bad cramps I just got to deal with it instead of taking a little Motrin because I'm like terrified that I'll choke tew death and when I dew try I always end up spitting it out...

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I used to too! Ugh, My mom got SO frustrated when I couldn't swallow them! But, then one day, I had Jello, and since it was so slippery, I swallowed it accidently! I practicly choked but, It was SO fun! I made bigger and bigger peices to swallow, that I got so used to swallowing pills! Now I can swalllow pills no problem even without water-if I had to. That's the only time I sweallow without water. But try doing what I did. Start out small though or else you'll choke cause I just got Lucky!:)

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I used to have trouble but not anymore. what I do is I put the pill on my tongue close to the back and fill my mouth with water. then I lean my head back and gulp hard! I make it so my throat opens up so I dont feel the pill go down so I dont throw up.putting a lot of water into your mouth helps this to; so you dont feel the pill. hope I helped

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well I take ritalin, I crush it then I snort it, it seems to work

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