is the name svetlana hard for you to say?

is the name svetlana hard for you to say? do you like it?

Answer #1

I love the name. It’s one of those name that is fun to say, and, to me, conjures up the image of a gorgeous Russian femme fatale (an alluring and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire)!!!

WOW. A great name!!!

Answer #2

its very original, and it rely just depends on how its pronounced. there could be several dif. ways to pronounce it. ^^.I like this name. ^^. its a very special and beautiful name. ^_^

Answer #3

if its pronounced like se-vana the no its nto hard to say. its unique. I like it :) very beautiful name

Answer #4

thought so, yeah it’s really pretty… =)

Answer #5

thx :)

Answer #6

its pronounced just how you see it…svet-lana…

Answer #7

I thought it was pronounced sssvet-lawna.. haha and either way I think its pretttyyy

Answer #8

I love it :)

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