Suspicious over Michael Jacksons death..

Michael Jackson died right? Well last night I turned the tv on and they just started playing the 911 call. (you can listen to it on youtube if you search “Michael Jackson 911 call”) It’s odd because there were reports that his personal doctor was the only witness and the only person home besides Michael. so who was the other man that made the 911 call? Its kinda weird because the caller sounded worried, but not shocked or horrified or freaked out. He also seemed to know the phone number and adress by heart. This seems kinda odd to me. Do you think something is up?

Answer #1

Yea that does sound kinda weird. The doctor was there and they were proforming CPR and michael jackson was on the bed. The doctor should have known that Michael Jackson had to be on the floor to proform CPR correctly.

Answer #2

the doctor has been charged with killing michael jackson. he injected the drug into him that killed him.

Answer #3

I’m not to sure, maybe it was his brother or something? you should type into google who made mj’s police call when he passed away.

Answer #4

Ok? I didnt think anything was wrong with questioning the reason of a person’s death sheesh o.o

Answer #5

To be fair if he did fake it, it obviously was for publicity before his comeback, why else would you do it now. but I think its real, and a duno who the other guy there was, but I dare say you should let MJ rest in peace. x

Answer #6

Well im not saying he faked it. Im just saying, someone else was involved even though most reports say it was just the doctor.

But IF he did fake his death, why just a few weeks before his comeback??

Answer #7

If MJ faked his death like a lot of people do,he’s probably wanting to get away from the media,notice over the years media have been in most of his life,people do get tired of it,look at Britney Spears,she’s an example almost. This is going to start up a huge rumor called MJ’s Fake Death.

Answer #8

noo..I dont think its fake!!! noopeee!!! xxRIPxx

Answer #9

plus it’s not suspicios he(RIP) have made over 200 plastic operations face the fact

Answer #10

let him rest in peace girls

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