Is surfing hard?

I want to learn how to surf this summer.. but im sorta scared about it because im extremely clumsy (lol) … it sounds wicked fun.. but another thing is I cant hold my breath tht long under water really well because my nose is stupid haha.. and im not gunna like hold my nose .. so do you think that its going to be extremely hard.. ??

Answer #1

It may be hard, but that doesnt mean you cant have fun trying. I tried to take lessons on vacation once (im also very clumsy and not graceful at all) and i only stood up on the board twice lol. I had so much fun trying and falling though. You can also wear goggles or nose plugs to help when you fall in the water.

Answer #2

WORTH LEARNING!!!! Surfing girl looks cool and tough!!! :)

Answer #3

You get no where in life without putting effort into. if you think it looks fun go do it! :)

Answer #4

From my point of view, it does look way to hard, and I only look at it from tv.. But I guess that it’s all about learning it and also practice makes perfect. So I guess that it would be a bit hard at first but ass you practice more and learn all the tricks and stuff to it, it can become easy and a fun sport.

Answer #5

not really…….ya but at the starting u might face some problems

Answer #6

maybe but ya know be carefull there are sharks ya know…i wanna start surfin myself too :)

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