Removing sunscreen stains

I live in southen georgia and everytime I use sunscreen it turns my clothes orange. the water here is well water high in iron. how do I remove the stains?

Answer #1

I’ve been having the orange stain issue for some time and could not figure out what was causing it. I’d run a laundry load and several items would come out stained around the neck and edges of the sleeves, and some things would have stains in random places. Your notion of sunscreen may be my answer. In desperation, I’ve put stained white clothes in a very strong bleach solution and that either takes the stain out or really minimizes it. Then I’ll rewash with fingers crossed. I’m going to run a small test load with sunscreen wiped on some light rags. What detergent do you use? I’m using cold water Tide and may change that, too. I never had this problem when I lived with city water and used a different detergent.

Answer #2

ooohhh mabe you could go on google and find something

Answer #3

Bleach makes the stains set in worse.

Answer #4

maybe you could find some thing that will get the stains out or some thing like bleach or something.

Answer #5

Try a product named GOOP. It is basically a hand cleaner and can be found in the automotive section of most discount stores. Rub it in, let it sit for at least an hour, then wash the item in the regular manner. My golf shirts come out stain free.

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