How can i get rid of discolored spots from a sunburn?

I went to the beach a week and a half ago and got badly burnt. After a couple days of redness, I got an awesome tan for a day then I started to peel. I didn't mind until the new skin underneath was a very noticeable lighter color in patches. This is happening on my shoulders so I'm very self-conscious and won't wear tank tops or tube tops. The peeling looks like its almost done but is there anyway I can get rid of the discolored patches?

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a few years agoi got badly burnt at a pool and had the same problem. after a few years (about three) it has gotten better but not all the way. i even west to a dermatologist and they told me that the pigment in my skin was permanatly damaged and would never return to normal color, even with tanning. but your situation may be different?

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