Sun bathing

I’m really fair skinned and burn easily. I want to get DARK & glowy brown. I’ve tried almost every type of self tanners and they just look fake and/or streak because im so fair. I’ve layed out in the sun for the past few days with using just baby oil and I’ve seem to have got a bit tan.. but barely. help please

Answer #1

I think you should just obsess over something else…

You’ve made it clear that your genetic predisposition makes it too difficult to tan. So be fair… live with it…

Forcing it otherwise will just make you age faster.

Answer #2

go into a booth. it’s the same thing as being outside, with our crappy ozone layer now…I tan naked because I hate tan lines and it’s like having a mini vacation. Plus they will give you lotions and set the timers for you not to burn, and it’s a lot quicker. I go after work when I’m stressed, it just relaxes and soothes me SO much..

Answer #3

I wanted to be tan for the longest time, because I am sooo fair.

but I realized I like my fairness, even though it resembles paper, haha. and my boyfriend likes it too, haha.

but you should learn to love your skin.

Answer #4

You should stop. If you’re of fair skin, you’re going to need to undergo a lot of tanning to get to that darkness, and the damage to your skin will be irreparable. With the environment the way it is, UV radiation will mess you up. My own mother has been through a few bouts with skin cancer due to her own tanning in her teenage years, and that was before the environment went to hell. That was before they even knew how bad it was for you. Appreciate your skin for how it is, I’m sure it’s beautiful!

Answer #5

luckily I’m was born with tan skin :). I agree with captainassassin.

Answer #6

Why don’t you try going to a tanning salon and buy a tanning lotion from there. I used to go tanning all the time and in about a month a had an awesome tan. Good Luck!

Answer #7

I had this problem beforetoo. but the best self tanners (spray tan) is any time tan. they really have the best ones. but they are not cheap I think its like 30 or 40 bucks for one tan. but it lasts long & looks great

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