what is something i can do when at the dentist to help my nerves?

..buts really bad i shake and breath heavy and everything… any advoce?

Answer #1

just take a couple deep breaths and bring some friends with you so you can focus on them and laugh with them while the dentist does his job:)

Answer #2

just relax, close your eyes and imagine your somewhere else when youre in the chair. you cn lso count backwards from 100. Just focus your mind on something else other than the dentist and it should calm you down.

Answer #3

Talk to your dentist about your options. Most will provide a sedative for patients with extremel fear and anxiety of the dentist as long as they have a ride afterwards since you wont be able to drive. Laughing gas is also a good option and can make the experience way less stressful and more relaxing.

Answer #4

thank u! i ill try it

Answer #5

thank u

Answer #6

no problem

Answer #7

yes, i have asked this, but they will not doit becuse i have asthma, and a heart condition

Answer #8

Music, get an ipod or something. My previous dentist put loud music on for me while he was working on my teeth. It really helped calm me down a lot.

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