Summer time?

I have nothing to do this whole summer except going to Yosemite for a few days.

What should I do for summer, any ideas?

Answer #1

well… theres always the beach!!! or swimming

Answer #2

Well here is a list of a few things: Get a job if your old enough. Volunteer at random places lol. Start a project of some sort. Go Swimming. Make Up Fun things to do with friends Beach

Well that’s all I can think of lol

Answer #3

There is a period of activity in an individual’s life followed by a period of inactivity and so on. Its wisest to use the inactivity period in the best possible way. If I were you, I would keep a focus on my mind and body together :D:D:D I would choose activities which help both of them grow and relax. The choices for these are individual based. I would choose to complete reading a fine novel/ science book together with a regular workout plan (summer is the best time to lose those unwanted pounds) and some sport (like swimming, athletics) which would keep me active and engaged. I would prefer not to stick to TV or any of those dormant activities :):D Bask the luxurious warmth =D Enjoy

Answer #4

Very true.

Answer #5

thanks :)

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