What exactly happens while on suicide watch?

Answer #1

someone will be “there” at all times.

Answer #2

well someone will be there for your own safety at all times, and by all I do mean all times. No privacy changing, going to the bathroom, taking a shower, sleeping, all with some one watching you to ensure your well being. While this sounds extreme it is some times necessary.

Answer #3

–another question added to this, can you be there for say 3 days and be released or does it all depend?

Answer #4

Three days? Do you believe someone who were suicidal would recover within three days? Nope. Not possible for release so soon.

Answer #5

Nope you guys are wrong. I’ve had friends and myself have been on a suicide watch before. You do NOT have people with you at all times. Your in a behavior health hospital (Mental Hospital) and there are many doctors. You go through many group and alone sessions with your doctors and have other people. You still sleep alone, shower, and go to the bathroom alone. They often have people check on you at night ever 30 minutes though, and when your in the shower sometimes they knock to be sure your alive. If you have a bad enough case they’ll have you in a camera’d room where you can be monitered at all times. Except the bathroom ((It’s illeagle)). They’ll lock the bathroom door and you’ll have to ask to go in there though so they can keep tabs on you. Most of the time your on a 3 day hold and than they start the actual treatment. They’ll put you normally on pills or up does. On average people stay for 10 days in a mental hospital unless you have a really bad case.

Answer #6

This helped a lot! thank you very much

Answer #7

This helped a lot! thank you very much

Answer #8

Unfortunately you are correct. State guidelines forbid some things and dehumanize the rest … drugs are the convenient resolve to such stays and in between they hope some of the group and counselor sessions have some impact.

Answer #9

They usually recommend you to a psychiatric ward

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