Can i sue my mother?

Answer #1

well what did she do? obviously, you can sue anyone i think. just have to have a good case.

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Answer #3

for what

Answer #4

It depends on what type o f mother she is. Did she do anything she could to make sure your needs and wants were met, or did she put herself first.

Answer #5

It depends on what type o f mother she is. Did she do anything she could to make sure your needs and wants were met, or did she put herself first.

Answer #6

well shes keeping money from me and my son she even told me i cudnt stay at her apartment cuz theres no room for me

Answer #7

Yes, you can sue your mom. However, I think you have to be a certain age, and it has to be for actual reason. You can’t sue her for not letting you go to a party, or not letting you date, etc…

Answer #8

If you are sueing for a valid reason, then yes. You can sue anyone if you have grounds.

Answer #9

shes keepin money from me child support frm my dad and goverment money that shes suppose to share with me and my child

Answer #10

oh yeah, you could sue her if she’s with holding YOUR money then

Answer #11

for what reason would you even think of that .you can but you have to realize that is your mother and it would cause hard feeling towards you and you mother. i don”t think this would be good thing to do you only have one mother .

Answer #12

i dont think you can because your mother has rights to all yhewr money iknw what yhewr thinking but they are minor laws i learned it law class

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Answer #14

Child support money is meant for her to use to help raise you - it doesn’t belong to you. She can use it to pay bill, buy groceries…whatever - it’s her money, not yours. I’m not sure what government money you’re talking about, but again, if it’s some sort of child benefit, then it belongs to her, not you.

Answer #15

but i havent lived with her since i was 14 yrz old now im 17 and struggling to raise my son and shes getting benefits for me and him…she tells me she cant take me off her case until im 18…but yet doesnt give me a dime..i live in a diff state with my BF and i cnt do anything cuz she has all of my personal documents so i cant get a job plus ima minor

Answer #16

Well, if anyone can sue her, it’s your father for taking money from him when you are no longer living in the home. Personally, I’ve never heard of a case where she couldn’t take you off. Most 17 year olds I know can get a job, but you are entitled to have your documents so that you can apply for one.

Answer #17

me and my dad dont get along and its like theirs no tlking to her becuz she seems to b the one who is always just sucks that i have to wait until im 18 (which is in dec) i just wanted to know if i can sue her for me having to struggle trying to find a place to stay and trying to feed me and my child

Answer #18

Sure if you are an adult and it’s not something stpid that you are sueing her for.

Answer #19

depends what for.

Answer #20

She still your mother, she gave birth to you no matter how screwed up she might be. Just forgive her for your sake, pray for God to lovingly work in her life, to be a person of unconditional love also pray for God to reconcile you to your dad. It may not all be up to you to reconcile your relationships, but it is up to you to do your part. Blessings!

Answer #21

You need to call the state service that is sending her money and let them know that you do not reside with her. You can find these numbers on the internet. Usually they have family or social services in their name. You then need to contact that same service in the state where you reside to get services for yourself and your child.

You cannot sue her for making you struggle or for receiving social services help through the government for you. If the government determines that she was fraudulant then she could face charges and have to reimburse the state for the money she should not have received .

Your father should contact the office of child support and request a redetermination regarding child support.

Answer #22

thanks i will make sure i do that

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