What do I do when I suck in math?

Answer #1

so I’m in school and I suck in math like you could explain it 100 times and it won’t click but all the other classes I pass with flying colors. So were taking a test today the teacher tells me I don’t know what to tell you I get frustrated and I feel like crying I felt stupid and I was embarrassed. I heard the teacher talking to another teacher saying that he was concerned that I was this bad in math :( , and the other teacher asked if I get points for parcial credit he said yes … what the hell do I do :(

Answer #2

have you figured out any other way you can learn? because everyone learns in a different way there’s 4 learning styles The Four Learning Styles -The Visual/ Verbal Learning Style -The Visual/ Nonverbal Learning Style -The Tactile/ Kinesthetic Learning Style -The Auditory/ Verbal Learning Style after you find out what kind of learner you are try finding ways to tech yourself something using that method you can find out what kind of learner you are by going to www. metamath. com/ lsweb /f ourls. htm#vnv just take out the space i had to put them because otherwise it would remove the link

Answer #3

You know, if what traviesa said doesn’t help, you might have a learning disability. I don’t mean that you’re autistic or something, but sometimes when you have an extremely hard time with one subject that’s what turns out to be wrong. I’m awful at math too, pretty much the same as you, and I got tested for a learning disability and they found out that I just learn differently than other people >.< So now someone from the special Ed department comes in to check on me in math class, and like I get extra help and such. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about lol and honestly it’ll be so much better for you if you find out. Of course I might be totally wrong lol and that’s not what’s wrong at all. Maybe you should go to a tutor?

Answer #4

I would just say you have issues with math, happens to some people! Just a get a math tutor to help you actually understand the way to get to your answer and practice the way you were taught to solve the particular problems!

Good luck!

Answer #5

well I don’t know about the learning disability because if you have a learning disability doesn’t that mean that your just bad in school period because I’m good in all my other classes its just math , but thanks I try to find a tutor but everyone always seems to be busy -_- but thank you your answer is helpful :)

Answer #6

no I don’t know my learning style? and thanks I would deff look into it :)

Answer #7

no I don’t know my learning style? and thanks I would deff look into it :)

Answer #8

thank you :)

Answer #9

thank you :)

Answer #10

Nah, I have a learning disability and I excel in language and The Arts, but I’m awful at math and science lol. Anyway, you’re welcome ^.^

Answer #11

np :)

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