What are some good styles for a kitchen?

Answer #1

personally I love dark wood kitchens with a lighter counter top. and lighter floors.

Answer #2

Thank you very much :)

Answer #3

Well, my ideal kitchen would have dark hard wood flooring, a burgundy colored layout (cupboards, drawer faces, and trim), a tan color for the walls, and then black marble counter tops with matching appliances. lol.

Answer #4

Thank you very much!!!

Answer #5

I will probably go with the dark hard wood flooring that would be pretty :)

Answer #6

Thanks everyone for your ideas/advice :)

Answer #7

Well you can do what you want, depends on the colors you want and stuff. I would just have like wood floors with marble countertops and shiny wood cabinets and stuff, that’s just me though.

Answer #8

Thank you :)

Answer #9

I’m also a big fan of Shaker/Asian style kitchens. They’re very minimalistic, which means a lot of clean straight lines and not a lot of clutter. Here’s an example of a shaker style kitchen c/o [link removed].

Answer #10

What exactly are you after? Do you want rustic, modern, airy, what? Think hard as kitchens can be great places. I love to cook but my kitchen is far too small and i regret the style i picked………

Answer #11

Thank you very much :)

Answer #12

Actually im not sure :)

Answer #13

That could be a problem lmao - well just make sure and take your time in deciding in that case. I’m sure you’ll see something you like soon :)

Answer #14

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