Is it stupid to major in Philosophy?

I mean I love thinking about the way people think, but the whole point of getting a college degree is so that u can specialize and get a career in your recommended field. I don’t see philosophy as practical.

Answer #1

No, not at all. That’s what I would like to major in one day. (:

Answer #2

Define stupid, and I will anwser.

Answer #3

what would u do with it?

Answer #4


Answer #5

No, of course not! :)

Answer #6

teach in the military :)

Answer #7

Well you need credentials or some sort of diploma depicting what you studied to get a job in your field of expertise. Thats for any job too. If you didn’t really get a college degree even though you know the material, every hobo would lie to get a job and the smart people would be unemployed because there is no vacant positions they can take.

Answer #8

no it creates more jobs

Answer #9

you would say that

Answer #10

The point of college is education. Sure, it is nice if you get a degree and career out of it. When I majored in music I knew there were long odds against making a living as a professional musician. I knew I might end up teaching at a community college somewhere if I stayed in the field but that wasn’t what I was studying music for. I studied music because I had a passion for it. Without passion life isn’t worth living.

After doing the music thing for a few years I found myself drifting away from it. Working my way through college I bought a bicycle for transportation and riding more and more it became my passion. I ended up working in and managing bicycle shops. I worked just enough to support myself and spent the rest of my time training and racing. Then I started to get burned out on bikes and one of my customers who had an Atari 800 sold it to me since he decided what he really wanted was an Apple ][. After puttering around programming BASIC I took my first computer science class to learn a little more about it. After learning BASIC I took Pascal that we used a VMS VAX to code on. This VAX was connected to this world wide network called the Internet. I thought it was incredible that you could connect to computers all over the world and discovered USENET, anonymous ftp, archie and gopher. I found the best tool to use on the Internet was UNIX and started to use it and program in C. Everyone told me I was wasting my time since all the jobs were VMS, MVS, Cobol, RPG, etc and UNIX was just an OS for barefoot university students. A few years later I got my first programming job and a few years after that the World Wide Web took off and the rest is history.

I think if you follow your passion it will guide you on your own path. If your passion is philosophy than it would be stupid to major in anything else.

Answer #11

No, you major in what you want. Not based on what everybody thinks of it.

Answer #12

If I were given a chance to take another subject, I would deff go to Philosophy.

Answer #13

When Bruce Lee was asked what he was going to do with a philosophy major, he replied: “Think deep thoughts about being unemployed.” Well at least he said that in the movie based on his life. :)

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