Stupid fashion trend.

What is with the stupid barred sun glasses all the emo/scene kids are wearing lately? I don’t see the point. They’re not practical, and in my opinion they look quite disgusting. Can someone please tell me what the appeal is?

Answer #1

there considered “cool” and “pop” pop stars were wearing then, and a few celebrities and now its a trend dont worry though, because it will die soon some sheep follow the herd and wear whatevere everyone else is wearing even if its stupid and impractical all we can really do is laugh

Answer #2

Any fashion trend can be considered “stupid” by those who do not follow it. Check out this music video:

He makes them look good!!!

*Note: the music vid has foul language for all you young viewers.

Answer #3

The fact is that these kids have no lives without their friends! Their co-dependent. The simple fact that you can see them for what they are makes you unique and able to stand out from the drool fashion trends that will always be! Don’t look at them in disgust thank them for helping you to realize you are independent and you don’t need stupid fashion trends to be cool! :D

Answer #4

I love them haha! But I only wear them if I’m feeling hyper or in a shop I wouldn’t wear them like all the time which some people do.

Answer #5

Those are stupid glasses and I do not see the point either but if that is what they like to wear it doesn’t matter to me!

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