How can I get my stuff to sell on eBay?

Answer #1

There’s not much you can do besides be patient and wait. Not everything you put on Ebay will sell.

I suppose you could send the link to a bunch of friends to get the word out that you are selling something. Maybe someone will be interested.

Answer #2

Make good descriptions of the product Take clear pictures that show the product off. Make sure the product is clean and appealing Check the “How Much is it Worth” tab to see if your item is worth the trouble to list. If you have a piece of furniture or other large item, consider listing it on Craigslist instead.

Answer #3

Well there is not alot of things you can really do, you just have to be patient, it’s not like you can advertise it or anathing. Meaby tell someone if you want to, like your friends, or you can try putting it on facebook? I don’t know if that would be right though…

Answer #4

Yes, be patient. You can’t really to sell something without being patient. Also, like mentioned, take many pictures good quality pictures. You have to describe every single detail that the product has. If there are comments always reply with positive attitude. If you have good score that may help you sell items. When buying items, give good feedback, like what I have seen (A+++++++). Show friendship or trust when selling an item. Give the bidders opportunities by getting refund and other great additions you could include. Get the price right, not too low or not high, unless it is broken or something. Search for other deals of the same item and make your item better then theirs by having lower prices and stuff.

Follow those steps and you will feel more confident, and your item will sell fast.

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