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Does anyone know a good way 2 keep focus when you study?

Answer #1

thx!! ill try all except the you tube thing because I get distracted easily and start to stall

Answer #2

I always had trouble keeping focused.

but I think what helped me the most was the right environment. I could never do things at home, so I would go to open labs at school and put on some techno music (the repetition in the music helped me stay on track)

you just gotta find the right environment. maybe a library. If you’re too comfortable, or there are a lot of other things that can distract you, it will be hard to focus.

Answer #3

Sometimes I have a problem focusing when studying. I turn everything off and drink something. If you’re still having a hard time, get something small to eat and take a break for 5 minutes then try again. Good luck :D

Answer #4

I lie down in bed turn everything off, listen to my iPod and just read over my textbooks or notes…

Answer #5

What I do is do my homework on the computer and listen to songs on YouTube

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