Do you always study alone or like to have group discussion during exam time?

Answer #1

Alone. I can’t focus on nothing when there is momevement or like distraction, I just can’t do it at all. Also I don’t really get into discussions when we are in a group. Plus, I have to concetrate so bad, I’m talking about not even music, or someone talking from far away, I have to be in a room in complete silence. But then again there are those times when I do like it when someone asks me questions, like a quiz, to see if I answer them right.

Answer #2

alone. group sessions dont work like the way i do. when i study i cram, i always find triks to remember things like matching two words together and main points then ill remember the whole thing, its weird.

Answer #3

I like to have grop discussions. I get way too bored when I am studying by myself, and I tend to not take much in. Having a conversation about the subject though is more engaging for me, and you are far more likely to consolidate what you are studying into longterm memory when you are emotionally engaged.

Answer #4

I mainly study alone. If I don’t then i’ll start talking about random things and I won’t concetrate on my work unless I have my iPod. If I have my iPod then I can just tune everyone out. It is a good idea to have A (ONE) study buddie.(pick someone smart) b/c then if you don’t understand something you’ll have someone right there to explain it to you and it won’t be be as hard to study.

Answer #5

I like to work alone and be able to focus on my revision and do it my own way. I certainly don’t like to have group discussions involving my work. However, I do like a combination of working and socialising but not in the same way. During exam period my friends and I go to the library. There are separate desks with small Walls so you feel quite enclose and captured in your work. I end up doing a good amount of work done in a short time because there are no distractions due to the quiet of the library. It’s also very motivating being around lots of students. Then I go out for breaks with my friends for 15 mins and we might have something to eat, go for a walk or just relax and chat. For me it’s perfect.

Answer #6

It is weird.You are studying in a different way.But as far as everything goes good and you score good marks in exams right? but would you understand the subject here? it is very important that you do understand the subject here

Answer #7

Neither, i like to study with just one other person because if im by myself i will fall asleep and wont get too much done, but if im in a huge group discussion i get distracted and off topic.With only one person you can ask eachother questions about whats what and you can also quiz eachother and you can also just study by yourself until you come across something confusing, you can ask the other person and they will explain it to you. It makes more sense to me.

Answer #8

I’m more to have group discussion,especially when most of them are smart.luckily I have a friend of mine who’s actually great in lesson.she always get a good GPA.just unlike any other students who also smart,she loves teaching us when it comes to exam time.we always study two or a week earlier before the d-day,so we won’t bother her during exam time.and yeah with having a group like that,I may get lots of benefit (: but after studying together w/ friends, I always do it by myself in the night and it’s more effective :D

Answer #9

I’m a super introvert, so for me I have to be in a dark corner contemplating what I am studying. :). I don’t like group discussions because people work at a different pace than me and I need to figure out things on my own.

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