Student council campaign slogans?

Hey plp, I'm running for student council at my middle school and I need some help. Anyone have any catchy and/or funny or totally awesome slogans from some posters?

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"my campaign will insure an open campus and rittilin for all"

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the whole play on words is actually really good some times, like my friend came up with this idea for my 2 friends who are running together. this girl whose last name is emmino is running for treasurer and this girl whose last name is flynn is running for prez. so the idea was instead of abercrombie and fitch it was
(1995 was the year they were born)

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what slogan did you use? im doing elections too && im finding it hard. what website did you use?

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I remember one time in junior high some kid passed out mini snickers bars with a paper attached that said, "Its no SNICKERing matter, Vote for___. It was pretty cool. lol. :)

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Ooh I actually got some good ones :)

"Victoria's Real Secret: She Votes for (Name)."

"If Voting for Me is WRONG, then You Don't Want to be RIGHT!"

"Got ___? She/he does a student body good."

"I know milk does a body good, but ___ will do your student body better."

Now that I've got your attention Vote for Me..."

"Vote For ___, We've all done something stupid."

I thought these were really funny, but I don't think some of them are appropriate! lol have fun :)

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I actually looked up the slogans you all gave me and found the site w/ lots of other slogans!

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Wow congratulations! Keep up the good work :) Which slogan did you end up using?

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Oh I got a couple.
Vote for us or you will die.
Ummm wait, don't use that one.
I know.
Vote for me, I am against giving people the runs.
Wait. ok I got one.
Vote for I want to represent you with . If zombies take over our school I secretly know how to combat them. Vote for me.

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Yes, I agree with katydid747! For my campaign, I said, "It's MIller time!" Like a joke on the beer commercial! lol well if you want any help but you don't want to post your name publicly, you can fun mail me and I can help! Best of luck :)

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Uncle Sam Wants YOU To Vote For (insert name here)

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sometimes its fun if you can use your first or last name to go in it... like a play off words!

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"I May Be Small But I've Got It All I'll Fight Without Rest, Put Me To The Test"
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