Studded belts?

Ok, name all the places you can get a colorful studded belt, besides Journies & Hot Topic.. Basic Places/ Common?

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you can get it at

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yeah, places like wallmart, target and kmart have them
also, vinnies and op-shops
because now days people are just throwing theres out
a lot of ones you can get there are practically brand new too
or you could just go on ebay, theyll have hundreds of them

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Pac Sun.

You might not have these but Playdoh's Closet?\

thats all I can think of

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Ardens. I'm not sure if you have Ardens there but I was looking at some awesome colour studded belts there.

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heck, walmart is selling color studded belts not...kmart, target...all of those places.

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Other than Hot Topic, I suggest Spencers

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buckle, rue 21,spencers(I think)

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uhh I wouldsuggest you go to and shop on the online catalog
they have sum belts their

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