Would you rather be strong or skinny?


Answer #1

I would rather be strong than being super skinny. Atleast strength is an advantage and can be used for things…if your so thin the wind can blow you away you can hardly do much of anything and are most likely sick.

Answer #2

I would rather be strong because i wouldnt want to want to be known as the weakling :)

Answer #3

I’d rather be strong. You can stand up for yourself, and it’d be more helpful than being skinny, especially in the long run. IMO, of course.

Answer #4

STRONG!! has so many advantages!! seriously

Answer #5

Strong, because being skinny would probably mean me having a messed up immune system and be sick all the time, plus strong people age better than skinny people because they have more insulation so to speak.

Answer #6

strong as a bull!

Answer #7

Strong, I love muscles

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