Can you get a stroke from whatching too much tv??

cuz the other day i hada absolutly nuthn to do so i wached tv for hours and by the evening i was short of breath, i was faintish, i thought i was gunna throw up, and i couldnt stop shaking so much. so what do u think?

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A stroke? Not likely. However, it's possible that you were feeling ill from lack of activity and possibly, poor diet.

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i eat fine i dont work out normally so its not lack of activity, but i am healthy and at the average weight for my height. i get it from actually looking at the screen. wen i dont look at it for awhile i feel better

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I get that way if I'm at the computer too long - trying to focus on the screen for hours on end leaves me feeling nauseous and headache-y.

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not a stroke, but you can get headaches, trust me! this has happened to me. make sure that you get out for some fresh air. hang out with friends, ride your bike, drink plenty of water, and when you'v done all that, go back to watching some tv.

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