Stressed out

From what I saw on an old question of mine,my constant mood swings are from being so stressed out and well I had a huge mood swing day on Tuesday which is why I stayed home so I wouldn’t have to take some of the swings out on people at school,my mom is one of the reasons I’m stressed,how do I tell her to lay off so I can chill and how do I just try to kick out some of my stress?

Answer #1

it could be something else besides that like bi polar or your hormones…but to have her lay off you just tell her flat out..just eb like look mom I am veyr stressed right now with this and that and I really just need you to bakc off because your not helping my problem..I dont like having these mood swings and if you gave me some space I feel like I wouldnt have as many of them any more or they might go away all together because I will be able to calm down.

Answer #2

just tell her that you need space and boxing helps

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