What can I do to stop my washer from getting grease spots on my clothes?

Answer #1

I’ve heard that when the rubber lineing in the dryer starts to wear out,it leaves little grayish/black stains on the clothes that can feel a little greasy.If that’s the case you may need to get a new dryer.But I’ve also heard that if you have an HE washer you shouldn’t use bleach on a daily basis,and that that can cause a build up of soil and gunk in the inside of the machine that can come off in the wash load.So if you’ve had the washer for awhile then there is probably a lot of that crap built up in there and you may have to repeat a clean out cycle to get rid of it all.Doing so at least once a month should keep it all under control.:)

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Answer #3

Don’t let her use bleach on clothes.

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