How can you stop someone from haveing children when all the babies ( 8 of them) they have had has been taken by cps?

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Unfuntunatly you cant. This is why i think that any woman who wants her tubes tied or has that many children taken away, should be offered a free surgery by the government to ensure we dont have these problems.

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You can't. I know a woman who lost 4 kids to DCF and had a baby. CPS will check in to see everything is ok, but they cannot just take the baby or prevent the woman from having other kids.

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dude its ileagel but u can always just destroy the source of the baby makers like the balls u dont need em to function. but i wouldnt do it urself see if the moron who is letting his seed go will get a vasectomy first bc thats not ileagel =]

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Are you encouraging a violent solution to this?

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Wow that's to bad cuz my cuzzin is not a good mom within 2 months of havein the kids they r taken from her then she will just turn aroung and do it again

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