How can i stop caring about stuff like this??

how can i stop caring, about how girls look or what peoples think of us? Cause that stopping me from having a good relationship with this girl i just met, i mean she not the best looking one out there. But still she a nice person, someone wanna give me some tip ( this a huge serious issue)

Answer #1

Just STOP caring! O.O They rn’t seeing her for her person, if they got to know her then they might want her too. U don’t want someone beautiful but with no personality right?! A person’s appearance can always change but the inside is always there. If this still doesn’t help, maybe suggest a make over. Lots of girls like having make overs. She may or may not get offended. But I still say that u just shouldn’t care about what others think.

Answer #2

If you really do like her its best for you if you dont let other peoples opinions bother you because she could make you really happy, and looks shouldnt always matter so much although it can obviously be hard to overlook her apperance. honestly, its very shallow if you tell her to get a makeover and will MOST DEFFINATELY hurt her feelings, (it would hurt mine if a guy wanted to change me) if it truely bothers you that much than she will start to notice and feel like garbage about herself. so TRYTRYRY to get over this issue and see her for the great person inside that she is . (:

Answer #3

It’s a matter of switching your focus….do like this new girl?? Then put your focus there, and you won’t notice or CARE what others are doing….plus you’ll end up with a BETTER relationship than those other folks.


Answer #4

Look at relationships that seem ‘perfect’ with the head cheerleader and the sports jock. They seem all cool and fun and have a great life but they actually don’t give a * about each other. Would you rather be in a loving relationship or have a trophy girlfriend?

Answer #5

It’s hard not to care. Not to be shallow but looks are a big deal (but they aren’t everything) If you honestly truly think that you can have a really great relationship with this girl then go for it. I’ve been in a situation like this and I got made fun of so bad,(bc people are immature) but it doesn’t matter because we both really liked each other. I say go for it. :) Hope this helped, and all goes well.

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