how do i stop being a adrinaline junkie?

the thing is i’m only 14 and i drink,smoke,cut myself,burn myself,bite myself,have sex with one of my friends that’s a girl,have threesomes,get in major big time bad fights,etc…the thing is i’m tired of it and my mom is super close to finding everything out!!!but more then anything i’m starting to lose focus of the real world my family avoids me,my friends are using me for sex,and i have scars all over my body…I JUST WANT IT ALL TO END!!!PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME GET SOBER!!!plus i feel like any second now i’m gonna end up killing myself and i can’t do that because my babygirl and babyboy depend on me…can you believe it…i’m 14 and i have twins!!!

Answer #1

If you’re 14 and have twins, I’d say your mother already knows a lot more than you realize. Talk to a counsellor.

Answer #2

well not to be rude or anything but how can your mom not know anything about you having sex when you have twins? i’m pretty sure you need to have sex or have IVF done or something like that and considering that your only 14 they wouldn’t have even done an examination on you i just need to have all the facts the right facts so i can give you the right advice

Answer #3

Your also full of sh!t. I dont buy into this what so ever…the way its worded sounds so fake and like a troll.

Answer #4

sorry if it’s long…it’s just…i’m really desprate i want to watch my babies grow up and i can’t do that if my main focus is finding another person to have sex with or getting high……………..or if i’m dead…..

Answer #5

At least I’m not the only one who thinks so

Answer #6

thank you! glad it wasn’t only me that felt that way

Answer #7

if your so worried then look in your babies eyes if you have any and decide for yourself if you want to stick around or be selfish

Answer #8

well i was raped by my stepdad about 12 months ago and had the babies about 3 months ago and my mom knows i was raped

Answer #9

Raped 12 months ago…had babies 3 months ago - a little early, it would seem….so you have 3 month old twins and yet you have time to do all that. Funny…most new mothers I know barely have time to take a shower, let alone have random sexual flings and finding people to fight.

Answer #10

you know you seriously have to have guts to say that you were raped which in my opinion i don’t believe at all there are real honest people out there that were raped knowing that something so horrible has happened to them but they try to make it better not worse i was raped but parents weren’t there when i needed them the most my best friend passed away shortly after that i know when people lie and if you are going to lie then make sure you have the facts right and by the way when your raped its very unlikely to be pregnant with twins and with your only being 14 the twins would have been born probably earlier than 3 months ago counting the fact that your 14 and you had twins twins are born early usually 36 weeks not 40

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