What does it mean when your stool looks like coffee grounds and I am very tired?

Answer #1

wow, how can put this…sounds like ur constipated. try adding some more fiber to ur diet. Also have some more soups, fruits - try some prunes/vegi’s -try cucumbers, and more dairy products like low fat cottage cheese/farmer cheese & lowfat yogurts in your diet(like activia) Another thing is whole grains & proteins.

Try to stay away from carbs such as bread, pasta, rice, fruits, crackers & such also no bananas(those cause constipation)

if it doesnt change with in a week or 2 I would consider consulting with a real nutritionist to really fix a good diet for your irregularities. It may be also why you are tired…perhaps lacking vitamins & minerals that you may be lacking in good sources of protein.

hope you feel better soon & this info helps you.

Answer #2

Coffee ground stools are usually caused by digested blood. That means that there is bleeding somewhere high up in the intestinal tract, and it’s in the tract long enough to get digested. (As opposed to bright red blood in the stool, which would indicate a bleed closer to the anus.)

Source: http://funadvice.com/r/bena4g97f6l

Answer #3

I agree, ….. and you should seek professional medical advice very soon - it may be something more serious than you think.

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